"Anne was wonderful! She gave clear direction and patiently walked around to answer everyone’s questions. I highly recommend her Paint Your Pet Party CT"



"We had so much fun doing this!! Since our family lives all over the place, we followed along on a Zoom meeting! The painting turned out amazing and Anne was so helpful with teaching us and guiding us on what to do! We can't wait to do this again and will be telling all of our friends about it!! 🥰❤️" Sarah E.


"We have been a little cooped up lately and the kids really wanted to have hands on social interaction with friends so we decided to do a paint your pet party with friends online through video conferencing. All the supply’s were dropped at a safe place outside our house. You send a picture of your pet or favorite animal and she hand draws the paintings ahead of time. This makes it really easy for those of us who aren’t artistic. It’s so easy even for children. You can join another group or have a paint party with friends. This is even great for birthdays or other social events of all ages. Thank you Annie you really brought a smile to our faces. We would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fun time."

Kelly H.


"This was the best time I've ever had without alcohol or dancing involved!"



“Paint Your Pet Party CT was a great experience. I am 10 years old and loved panting my pet. I am into painting and it was very fun. The teacher was extremely nice and helped me with whatever I needed. There is a wide variety of colored paints. I will never forget how relaxed and happy I felt.The teacher was comforting to me. The main thing I learned was that my painting didn’t have to be exact same as the picture that you have chosen. The teacher’s words to me was “ It doesn’t have to be perfect”. Now when I sketch a drawing I think of her words. She motivated me to draw more and not judge how good or bad it is!” Aquinnah


"LOVED this so much!!!! I was amazed at how awesome my painting came out!! I'm not good at all at painting, but Anne's outline of my pet photo and easy to follow steps helped me paint the most beautiful picture of my little shorkie!! If mine came out this great, imagine how amazing your pet could come out!! So easy to do, so much fun, makes a perfect gift or personal memento and anyone can do it!!!"